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Riverside Bar & Restaurant

Riverside Bar & Restaurant


Who are we?

A restaurant in Kilmarnock that have sensory dens.

What do we do?

Riverside has two sensory dens within its restaurant.

Our sensory dens are designed to provide calm, focus, and comfort to kids with sensory processing problems (such as ADHD or ASD).

We understand the challenges of dining in a busy restaurant for both parents and ADHD/ASD children, and we hope this helps our diners know that they can bring kids into a safe and relaxing environment.

We have a range of fidgets, poppets, water based toys, fruits, alphabet & number mats, maracas, sensory drum kit, fluffy blankets, cushions, flexi tubes, starry night lights & much more.

How to get access or get in touch?

5 St Marnock Place, Kilmarnock, KA1 1DU

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