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   About Us   

Our Purpose?

  1. To help people and their families who live with autism, ADHD and FASD in Ayrshire, feel more in control through supporting better understanding and
    better connections.

  2. To help services, businesses and community groups in Ayrshire become friendlier places for people and their families living with autism, ADHD and FASD to access.


Who we are

​NEST stands for Neurodevelopmental Empowerment & Strategy Team. We are a small NHS Ayrshire & Arran team who are paid for by the three Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnerships.

Who We Are

What we do

  • ​We help people find information and advice about autism, ADHD and FASD

  • We help people find information about what is available for them in Ayrshire.

  • We provide workshops for people to learn more about living with autism, ADHD and FASD.

  • We work with local NHS services and local authority services to help them provide the best service they can for neurodivergent people.

What We Do

Who is this service for?

Our service is for children, young people and adults. Our service is open to anyone in Ayrshire who wants to contact us about autism, ADHD or FASD. You do NOT need a diagnosis to access our service.

Who is this service for?
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