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South Ayrshire Council - Autism Outreach

South Ayrshire Council - Autism Outreach


Who are we?

The autism outreach service supports the inclusion of autistic children and young people ages 3 to 18 in mainstream schools.

What do we do?

Peripatetic teachers visit children and young people in their mainstream setting across South Ayrshire. The service works collaboratively with speech and language therapy to: •Meet the needs of identified autistic young people who are experiencing barriers to learning despite current supports in place in their mainstream setting •Support schools to identify the barriers to learning for individuals through observations and discussion with the individual, staff, family and other professionals as appropriate •Provide advice and examples of resources to support pupils, including staff visits to the communication base at Doonfoot Primary School •Empower staff to introduce, understand and continue with strategies and interventions to reduce barriers to learning and enable autistic young people to progress to their full potential •Link with families, carers and other professionals to enable them to support school interventions •Provide awareness raising on autism for families, staff and peers •Support transitions throughout a child/young person's educational journey.

How to get access or get in touch?

Visit the website for more information

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